How to Host a Speed Dating Event

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How to Host a Speed Dating Event

There are many different companies out there that offer Speed Dating Events. Some are good and some
are bad and some are just a complete disaster. Some companies or individuals think to host a Speed
Dating event you find a place, get a group of singles and let them talk each other for a preset amount of
time, sounds easy but it’s not there are several other factors that come in to play to give your attendees
a successful night and have a high match rate.

To host a successful and fun Speed Dating Event you will need several key components to come together
to get it right. First and most importantly is an even amount of open-minded, outgoing, similar aged,
group of singles. Without this, everything else is useless. Now that you have your participants, you
are going to want to pick a venue that is ideal for this group of singles. You will want it to be age
appropriate to your group of singles. Such as if your singles are over the age of 50 you will not want to
take them to a place that is originally designed for the twenty-something’s crowd and vice versa. Pick
a venue that fits your age group of singles. We at Dating Parties always select an upscale comfortable
venue for our attendees such as the Belvedere in Uptown Park, it is upscale, stylish, clean, a relaxed
setting and not packed or noisy.

The next key component is a well trained host and venue staff to cater to all your attendees needs and
ensure they have a great time and meet that special someone. If the host and the wait staff are rude
or understaffed then this will take away from the experience of the event. How many times have you
gone to a restaurant that had great tasting food, nice décor and ended up with a rude waiter/waitress or
had to wait a long time to get your meal? That would ruin the evening and you would most likely say to
yourself I’m never coming here again? This applies to Speed Dating Events also. The right people make
all the difference.

Now that you have your attendees, venue, host and staff now you will need to organize it. This is where
a good plan and supplies make it all happen and turn just any event into a successful event. You will
want to have very good organizational skills for this. Why? You now have a group of 20-30 people that
have never meet each other and it is your job to make sure this event runs smoothly and seamless.
The great host at Dating Parties called “Party Coordinators”, have a full proof system of organizing and
operating our Speed Dating events. Some of the things we do is, we give everyone a name badge with
a number that corresponds with a numbered table. This way everyone knows where to sit and start at.
These name badges also help people get to know you by name and when you’re talking with each other
during the individual speed dates, you can take down their name for your notes on the supplied “Dating
Card”. Everyone gets 8 minutes to talk at our events. After the 8 minutes is up you will be asked to
move your next “date”. Add in the right Party Coordinator and this entire event will run like a like it was

Now you have reached the end of the event and everyone has talked to all the attendees, it is time to
explain what the next steps are for selecting your matches and go on that second date. And remember
customer service goes a long way in a world that is lost on it. Be professional, friendly and helpful and
you will have just hosted a Speed dating Event that will be a complete success.

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